Latest Process Machinery

At MHEL “Quality Policy” is not merely a nice slogan, but it is the life of its products. The quality policy goes through in every detail from R&D to dispatching. Holding the quality policy tightly, MHEL has set up and carried out indigenous quality Management System (QMS) all around and has got the satisfaction and respect of its customers.

We are using the latest technology for improve the machine quality as well as boring machines for efficient and ease the entire production process in general. These mills have the ability to bring a higher level of efficiency to crushing projects in more ways than one. One of the great advantages of using a boring head with a single-point tool is its ability to establish the true position of a hole or a series of holes. This is possible only because a single-point tool can remove more stock from one side of a hole than the other.

We are using CNC cutting because the digital template and autonomous machining of CNC practically eliminate human error and achieve accuracy within 1/1000th.

Usually the manual plasma cutting process is quite accurate and precise based on the measurements given. The plasma cutter is equipped with gears that ensure that the cutting is accurate without deviating from the measurements specified. However, in the case of CNC plasma cutters, they are computer operated and are paired with state-of-the-art software. The specifications are stored in the hard disk of the computer before the cutting process begins. And since the cutter is computer operated, the cuts are sharp and clean. This ensures higher precision and accuracy in the entire cutting process.

We are using CNC computerized lathe machine and main advantage is that it makes difficult jobs easier and quicker as it is fully automated with a computer program. It operator has to feed the dimensions of the finished product in the specified program of the machine and then does its job by finishing one process after another automatically with the extreme level of accuracy and speed.

We are using heat treatment process because Steel parts often require some form of heat treatment to achieve an increase in hardness and obtain maximum strength and durability. Through the many different processes of heat treatment, the properties of steel are changed via physical and mechanical channels. As an added benefit, heat treatment can also aid in the manufacturing process. When we talk about the change of mechanical properties, we’re referring to the shear strength, toughness and tensile strength of the steel. Allowing for this mechanical change in properties enables your product to be more efficient in its daily duties and more resistant to wear and tear during even its toughest jobs.

We are using MIG welding because they provide excellent weld joint penetration and make weld spatter and flux clean up quite simple. Flux cored wires provide a good middle-ground between solid cored wires and self-shielded flux cored wires.